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We help dogs and their humans
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dog companion


Our goal is mentoring you and your dogs to achieve harmony in your life together, helping you to understand their needs, respecting who they are as specie while living in a human world.

Why?  Because we love dogs

Deciding to share your life with a dog is a free choice. People normally care about their dog's physical needs but very seldom get education on their emotional and psychological needs, unfortunately. This is key, and this mentoring program is to fill the gap.

Dare to question

What is beyond popular practices of dog training  based on classical conditioning ?

Dogs are more humanized and denaturalized than ever; they are under a strict control. They are affected by high levels of  frustration and stress that are translated into behavioural issues in the best case, depression in the worst.

We are flooded with popular TV shows telling us what to do, telling us that we have to be the pack leader... But do we really respect our dog? Do we respect what they need and what they are? What is beyond treats and punishments?

Dare to look at believes with critical eye and discover what is beyond.

We are mentors, nothing more and nothing less.

We have been there: we rescued and helped the "worst dog ever" and we can share with you what we did and what we learned. Most of the professional help we paid didn't help us at all, until we decided to train ourselves with the best canine education professionals.

You are in the best position to be your dog´s best educator; we help you and encourage you in the process. 

We can mentor you online no matter where you live, and we can do it in English or in Spanish.

Contact us and we´ll be glad to discuss your case.



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